This is to notify the public that Mr. Muyiwa Akinkunmi Oladeji has been relieved from his duties as the managing director of Bbr Studios, a division of Baby Boys Records.

The termination of his contract is due to his poor performance, alcoholic habits, and negligence of duty over the past few months. The Chief Executive Officer of the record label had issued several warnings via letters, meetings, and monitoring of performances since it was first noticed. Despite all these, he remained adamant in his vices.

He has been advised to seek other opportunities outside of the label as our company needs employees that can be devoted to our goals and uphold our reputation with accurate representation.

Future employers are, however, informed that they hire the man at their own risk as we at Baby Boys Records cannot vouch for his competence.

Mr. Oladeji has received severance pay and was asked to return the company’s assets. He was reminded to do so at several intervals and only complied after a message with warnings of litigation was sent to his  recruitment agency.


Mustapha Daodu
CEO, Founder, Baby Boys Records